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How to produce a pair disposable PE gloves

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What is the complete process of producing a pair disposable PE gloves  ?

Disposable PE gloves, as a sanitary product, wildly used on body contact and food contact issues. Such as using on hair dyeing products, cosmetic and facial products and food processing and food catering occasions. Here is a complete processes of making a high quality disposable PE gloves in Ruijian Plastic Co., ltd.

1. Raw Material

We use high quality raw material to make sure the product would be food grade high quality.


( Attached picture proofs our high quality PE raw material )

2. Film Making

We put raw material into facility to melt the raw material into fluid and blow out as film. The facility, which would finish them as rolls.


( Attached pictures proofs the film making and rolling process )

3. Gloves shaping

We use the finished PE rolls on our shaping facilities to shape out gloves the same time remove the spare parts of the roll.

( Attached video proofs our gloves shaping facility )

4. Individual folding & packaging

Here is our self-developed facility to to fold and packaging gloves automatically.

( Attached video proofs out self-developed auto folding and packaging facility )

5. Finished products inspection ( QC )

Finished products would be sent to QC department and would be ready in stock after quality inspections.


Disposable PE gloves were wildly used in hair dyeing products and food catering, required a high quality as food contact grade.

Also having a strict requirement of producing environment such as dust free workshops.


( Attached picture proofs a dust-free workshop of Ruijian plastic Co., ltd. )

Here all processes of producing a pair of disposable gloves, if any questions please contact us for further information.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Heyuan Ruijian Plastic Co., ltd.

                                                                                                                                                                   A 20+ year experience Chinese factory of supplying disposable PE gloves

Ruijian Plastic is a supplier of disposable PE gloves, aprons, garbage bags and protective products in China.

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