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Our factory owns standard dust-free workshop Provide efficient, safe and hygienic production conditions in dust-free workshops.
Ruijian Plastic is dedicated to products in the field of hygiene and protection, including: disposable gloves, aprons, caps, sleeves, ear muffs, shoe covers, etc.

Auto Gloves Folding and Packaging Workshop and Facility

We equipped up to 200 sets production equipments in total. In recent years, the company has successfully developed automatic folding and packaging machine for disposable gloves, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality

Intelligent Auto Film-Making Facility % Auto Gloves Shaping Facility

Raw Material & Product Warehouse

Looking for professional Hair dyeing tools kit, Disposable PE aprons, Garbage bags
Ruijian Plastic is a supplier of disposable PE gloves, aprons, garbage bags and protective products in China.

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