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Ruijian automatic disposable gloves production line

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Ruijian plastic Co., ltd. A leader of upgrading from manual folding to machinery folding in disposable gloves Industry.

Ruijian Plastic

The manual folding disposable gloves in the past existing many hygiene and lead time issues. During the Covid-19 epidemic, our company to improved our production environments and product standards.

Ruijian Plastic
Ruijian Plastic

Automatic gloves folding and packaging

Our company equipped over 40 sets auto gloves folding and packaging facility to improve our gloves quality standard and production efficient.

Ruijian Plastic
Ruijian Plastic

Dust-Free workshop

Dust-free work shop to produce efficiently with high quality guaranteed.

Ruijian Plastic
Ruijian Plastic

Ruijian Plastic is a supplier of disposable PE gloves, aprons, garbage bags and protective products in China.

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